Product overhaul/repair of CNC, PLC and ROBOT automation technology and electronics for renewable energies

  • Thorough product overhaul repairs

  • Washing & cleaning of each module before repair

  • Repair & exchange even for discontinued modules

  • Preventive exchange of all components subject to ageing or wear

  • Exchange of all components that are identified as weak points and thus constitute a safety risk for the machine and its operators

  • Exclusive use of new and approved components authorised by the manufacturer and legislator

We offer repair services for all manufacturers and maintenance managers encompassing current as well as long-discontinued and legacy systems and modules. For us, a repair always includes a complete product reconditioning. This means that we will not just replace the faulty components but, as a preventive measure, we will also replace those components that are likely to wear based on the experience we have gained since 1987. Our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certification and compliance of our repairs with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC mean that we can guarantee the long-term quality of the repaired modules by using approved parts and components.

During all our repairs, we carry out functional and load tests, amongst other things using original test stands. And with a warranty* of 24 months on repairs, exchange and replacement modules, our promise of quality goes far beyond that of the industry standard.

Our certified repair process

1.) Incoming goods

  • Scanning of item and serial number incl. photograph
    of goods for complete documentation.
  • Visual inspection of all inbound modules
    (any additional parts, fire damage, breaks
    , etc. are documented).

2.) Cleaning/ultrasonic baths

  • Disassembly of the module and subsequent cleaning
    with special environmentally friendly cleaning agent.
  • Includes cleaning of module before each repair.
  • The deep-cleaning industrial ultrasound cleaning
    process counteracts faulty functions caused by dirt
    (only suitable for certain modules).

3.) Drying process

  • The module
    is dried in the drying chamber to prevent short circuits.

4.) Pre-test

  • Analysis of the fault pattern.
  • Comparison with database of faults and customer's error description.

5.) Diagnosis & repair aids

  • We complete tests and repairs with the latest equipment. 
  • Additional details are available in the "Diagnostics" section.

6.) Repair

  • Exchange of defective components.
  • Use of components authorised by the manufacturer or legislator for repairs. 
  • Repair and exchange even of discontinued modules.

7.) Preventive measures

  • Preventive exchange of all components subject to ageing or heavy wear.
  • The service life of the module is increased considerably.

8.) Functional test

  • It is important to ensure that inputs and outputs are not just simulated but that the hardware is also connected.
  • With over 100 test stands, we have a suitable test stand for every system range.
  • All of the relevant functions are tested.

9.) Load test

  • The motor driven by the test object is decelerated to simulate a load.
  • Tests can take be up to 24 hours depending on the modules.
  • As part of the load test for feed and return modules, the return capability is also simulated with an artificial load.

10.) Packaging

  • Our ESD packaging guarantees the safe transport of your module.

11.) Delivery

  • Our own 24-hour express courier service within Germany.
  • Shipping of up to 30 kg free of charge within Germany.
  • Express air freight.
  • Additional information is available in the "Shipping options" section.

12.) Documentation

  • Everything is documented in full throughout the entire process.
  • This is completed for quality assurance purposes and can help to discover potential improvements.

We offer repairs for CNC, PLC and ROBOT-controlled modules & systems from the following manufacturers:


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