BVS shipping service

  • In-house 24-hour express courier service within Germany. Dispatched within an hour

  • Free shipping within Germany
    (standard cardboard boxes up to 30 kg, next day delivery up to 6:00 p.m.)

  • Express air freight service
    (throughout Europe)

  • Delivery by freight company

Shipping options & packaging – BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Our shipping options tailored to suit you

A machine breakdown can be expensive. To ensure that machine downtimes are kept as low as possible, we offer our customers various shipping options.

This enables you to receive your modules by the next day and comprises standard cardboard boxes of max. 30 kg.

Our express service is a little faster, ensuring you receive it the next day by either 9:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m. as requested. This delivery services is available in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Our fastest service is provided as part of our 24/7 availability and is realised by our own express courier within Germany. Modules ordered through this service leave our warehouse within one hour. We also offer our customers a 24/7 air freight service within Europe.

Although our fastest service is our express air courier service. The delivery is carried out using an aircraft rented by us and flown by a trained BVS pilot. We offer our express air freight service across Europe. Since we only offer this service on request, please contact our sales team via our hotline: +49 6181 95404-200.

Professional & safe packaging Optimum protection of your modules

Electric fields can be generated anywhere at any time! Electro static discharges (ESD) destroy sensitive electronic components and can even shorten the service life without being noticed. Choosing the wrong packaging can be disastrous: Plastics, such as packing chips, bubble wrap, cling film are particularly good charge carriers and thus cause strong discharges.

The right packaging can minimise the risk of electrostatic discharges (ESD). The use of anti-static or discharging material ensures that no hazardous discharges are generated in your packaging. These are deflected by the surface of the packaging. This ensures that your products will arrive safely and function properly.

The identification label clearly indicates that ESD protective measures have been implemented. As a matter of principle, our packaging concept is made up of two levels:
ESD protection and mechanical protection. Open modules are therefore initially placed in a shielding ESD bag, while closed modules are placed in ESD bubble wrap. The modules are then either packaged in sturdy storage packaging or in suitable shipping packaging ready to be dispatched in accordance with the specifications of the express parcel courier service provider.

The packaging can also be changed to a more neutral design to be forwarded separately.

  • ESD bag (electrostatic discharge) to prevent electric fields

  • Sturdy storage packaging to minimise general impact damage

  • Suitable shipping packaging in accordance with the specifications of the express parcel courier service provider

  • Identification label to clarify adherence to the ESD measures

  • Neutral repackaging upon request