Module test Function and load tests on more than 100 test stands

  • More than 100 test stands

  • Testing robot handheld devices with the manufacturer's original robots

  • Function tests to isolate and locate faults

  • Load tests based on operating mode S6

  • Load test with test time of up to 24 hours

Module test – BVS Industrie-Elektronik


Over 100 test stands, that meet the high requirements of the manufacturers of the control & automation technology, are used to test and repair modules.<br/> In addition to using the manufacturer's original components for the repair, these BVS test stands guarantee the fault-free function of the module. By completing simulations under actual conditions and tests with a full load applied, it is also ensured that modules will withstand rigorous daily operation.

For this reason, you will receive a 24-month warranty* on all modules repaired by us.

Function test

The manufacturer's original test stands provide the backbone to successful maintenance services. They are used to isolate and locate faults during the repair process as well as to complete a comprehensive function test following the repair.

It is important to ensure that inputs and outputs are not just simulated but that the hardware is also connected. This is the only way that modules can be tested under actual operating conditions. With more than 100 test stands, BVS Electronics has the right test stand for every range of systems. For complex procedures, a specially designed test software tests all of the possible scenarios to ensure that all the relevant functions are checked. This ensures the fault-free function of your automation technology.

Based on the fault described by the customer, climatic conditions can be simulated or long-term tests can be implemented, if required, to track down sporadic faults.

Load test

As part of our process, the load test for modules constitutes the conclusion of a successful repair. We take utmost care to simulate our customers' actual conditions. Based on our long-term experience and collaboration with manufacturers of the control & automation technology, individual function and load tests are recorded in our testing manuals for every module. As part of these load tests, a load is applied to the modules based on operating mode S6. During these load tests, two motors operate against one another with one acting as the drive and the other as the load.

All of the test times are specific to the module and can be up to 24 hours. This is the only way we can ensure that modules repaired by us will operate reliably and perform their duties during rigorous daily operation.

Original KUKA & ABB robots

We use original robots to test all of the handheld devices supplied by robotics manufacturers KUKA and ABB.

The function of all of the KUKA pendants from the KCP1, KCP2 and KCP4 product ranges that we have repaired or overhauled are tested comprehensively using original KRC1, KRC2 and KRC4-KUKA robots. During these tests, we also try to simulate the conditions during day-to-day operation as accurately as possible.

Original IRB ABB robots are used to test the Teach pendant units from the S4 product range and the Flex pendant units from the IRC5 product range manufactured by ABB. The function of any improved components, such as displays with a higher contrast ratio or a stronger housing, that are used during the repair are also tested extensively.

Our high level of quality guarantees the highest system availability and lowest maintenance costs over the entire life cycle of your machines and systems. We can guarantee this quality promise to you by continuously developing our expertise and measuring ourselves against the manufacturers' quality standards. The tests that are completed adhere to the requirements set by the manufacturers of the control & automation technology.

For this reason, you will receive at least a 24-month warranty* on all modules repaired by us.