Optional express repair

  • Functional module within just a few days

  • Top priority in the internal repairs process

  • Express repair service possible for the multi-manufacturer product portfolio

  • Repairs to uniform quality standards

  • Delivery of module available via our own courier service

Optional express repair service – BVS Industrie-Elektronik

If you need to resolve a problem quickly and are reliant on a working module, we can offer you this additional service as part of our product overhaul repair.

As part of our express repair, that is completed to the exact same quality standards as a general overhaul repair by our experienced technicians, you will receive your fully functional module back within a few days. Upon receipt, we will inspect the module and inform you how quickly we can complete the express repair. During our internal repair process, your module will always be prioritised.

This service is available for all manufacturers in our product portfolio for a small surcharge. This will ensure that a possible machine breakdown does not have a significant impact and you can restart production as soon as possible.

However, if you require a functioning module the next day or even on the same day because operations cannot come to a standstill under any circumstances. Then we can offer you our exchange service that we can deliver in just a few hours as part of our express courier service.

An optional express repair service is available for the following manufacturers:


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