KUKA repair, spare parts, sales & service

  • Up to 50% savings on the manufacturer's list price

  • New, replacement and exchange parts as well as product reconditioned repairs for KUKA KRC robot systems, KUKA KCP1, KCP2 & KCP4 modules at fixed prices

  • Use of original components

  • Final test with original KUKA robots

  • Fastest response times thanks to 24/7 availability and large exchange inventory

  • Fully compatible HMI/IPC replacement solutions from our own unipo® brand

Kuka - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Repair, exchange and replacement parts for KUKA KRC robot systems as well as for KCP1, KCP2 & KCP4 pendants

New in the BVS portfolio: We support the control electronics for KUKA KRC robot systems

We now offer our comprehensive services for all modules (drives, IPCs, power packs, motors, cables etc.) for KUKA robot systems KRC1, KRC2 and KRC4.

Product overhaul repairs, exchange parts and replacement parts for KCP1, KCP2 and KCP4 Pendants are still a part of our portfolio. 

We offer general overhaul repairs, as well as exchange and replacement parts for KCP1, KCP2 and KCP4 pendants manufactured by KUKA.

For each repair and every KUKA pendant that is exchanged or purchased as a replacement part from BVS, we not only replace all components that are electronically and mechanically defective as part of the product reconditioning, but also replace all of the parts that are subject to ageing or use-related wear. What's more, we only use original components approved by the manufacturer or legislator to repair your KUKA pendants. We are also able to restore the full functionality of the 6D mouse.

Because of this, you will receive 24-month warranty* on the complete KUKA handheld control panel including all related products and services. Instead of a purely software-based simulation, we test all reconditioned KUKA handheld control panels with an original KRC1, KRC2 and a KRC4 KUKA robot. This means we can comprehensively test your KUKA handheld control panels both in terms of their functions and also under conditions that correspond to the actual working environment.

Thanks to the excellent availability of replacement products in our extensive warehouse comprising over 200,000 modules and the option of express repair services, you will receive your KUKA pendant as quickly as possible.

And best of all: You will save up to 50% compared to the manufacturer's prices.

For existing HMI/IPC applications manufactured by KUKA, particularly the KCP2 pendant, we also offer fully compatible replacement solutions from our own unipo® brand. 

KCP1 handheld control panels

KCP1 programmable handheld control panels incl. cable

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KCP2 handheld control panels

KCP2 standard handheld control units incl. cable

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KCP4 handheld control panels

KCP4 programmable handheld control panels incl. cable

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