LENZE repair, spare parts, sales & service

  • New, replacement and exchange parts as well as product reconditioned repairs for current & discontinued modules at fixed prices

  • High product quality through use of original components

  • Short delivery times via out 24/7 order service with express courier option

  • Central supply of replacement parts thanks to comprehensive inventory

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Lenze drive technology

Regardless of whether you require motors, gear units or specific drive elements, we have an extensive selection of products manufactured by Lenze to meet your exact requirements. This includes frequency converters and servo motors as well as various accessories, such as signal and power cables, function modules, handheld terminals and mounting kits. We not only complete repairs for products manufactured by Lenze but also sell and service these modules.

Our repairs generally always comprise product reconditioning, of current and discontinued modules. We also supply new, replacement and exchange parts and always at fixed prices. We always use original components for our repairs, ensuring we can provide you with a 24-month warranty* on repair and exchange services as well as the sale of replacement parts. Thanks to our extensive warehouse and our 24 h ordering service we can also offer you a fast supply of replacement parts.

Inverter - frequency converter

  • Inverter drives
  • Motec converter
  • Vector converter
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Inverter - power converter

  • Power converter 470
  • Power converter 480
  • Power converter 4900
  • Power converter 530
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  • Servo asynchronous motors
  • Servo motors
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