Cost-effective cleaning and inspection of CNC, PLC and robot-controlled modules and systems as well as electronics for renewable energies

  • Professional cleaning of modules

  • Gentle manual cleaning to remove corrosion-related damage

  • Industrial ultrasound cleaning with environmentally-friendly cleaning agent

  • Thorough drying in the drying chamber to prevent short circuits

  • Fully comprehensive moulding for corresponding modules

  • Inspection of control and drive modules also possible for complete machines and systems

Cleaning and inspection – BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Are you really sure that your stockpiled electronic modules are still functional? Many people would rather not think about the fact that electronic components are also subject to age-related wear. Humidity that causes corrosion, as well as dust and dirt particles and improper storage can quickly damage modules. A frequently occurring fault is that capacitors have dried out. In the event of a machine breakdown, it is often the case that no functioning replacement parts are directly available. In such cases, this often results in high costs and preventable hassle. To prevent such a situation from occurring, BVS Electronics offers cost-effective cleaning and inspection services for your modules.

To prevent such a situation from occurring, BVS Electronics offers cost-effective cleaning and inspection services for modules from the following manufacturers:

Step 1: Cleaning of the Electronic Assembly

Our efficient cleaning allows us to thoroughly remove dust, dirt, grease, solder residues, and other contaminants from electronic assemblies. Thorough cleaning is crucial as contaminants can impair the performance of the assemblies and potentially lead to malfunctions or even failures.

Our experienced team uses specialized cleaning solutions tailored to the specific assemblies and the type of contamination. The cleaning agents used are environmentally friendly and gentle on the electronic components, ensuring optimal cleaning without causing damage.

Step 2: Drying in the Oven

After cleaning, the assemblies undergo a careful drying process in special ovens. Drying is crucial to remove any moisture absorbed during cleaning. Moisture can lead to corrosion, short circuits, and other issues that jeopardize the long-term stability of the assemblies.

Our ovens offer precise temperature control and ensure gentle drying, which enhances the lifespan and reliability of the assemblies. By employing state-of-the-art drying techniques, we ensure that the assemblies are completely dry before proceeding to the next step of inspection.

Step 3: Inspection of the Assembly

Inspecting the cleaned and dried assemblies is a critical step to ensure their functionality and integrity. Our highly qualified inspection team utilizes a variety of test procedures and equipment to subject the assemblies to a thorough functional testing.

This includes, among others:

  1. Visual Inspection: We visually inspect the assemblies for any visible defects, damages, or incomplete solder joints.

  2. Diagnosis through Measurements and Analysis: We conduct precise measurements to ensure that the assemblies meet the specified specifications and required quality standards.

Our goal is to ensure the functionality and reliability of the electronic assemblies and to guarantee top-notch quality.

You will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Following the inspection, you will receive clear information about whether your assembly can be placed into storage and whether it can be used or not.
  • If we diagnose a fault on your assembly during assembly testing, then we will happily offer you a repair including preventive measures as part of our standard product overhaul.

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