SEW repair, spare parts, sales & service

  • New, replacement and exchange parts as well as product reconditioned repairs for current and discontinued modules

  • Very fast turnaround times for urgent repairs

  • 24-month warranty* on the complete assembly

  • Exclusive access to already discontinued modules, original components and services from SEW-EURODRIVE

  • All from one source

SEW - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Automation solutions from SEW

SEW-EURODRIVE products stand for variety, quality, reliability and innovation. With the drive technologies from SEW-EURODRIVE, we offer a variety of solutions for a wide range of industries. These are optimally matched to your application and can be used flexibly. You have access to the complete SEW-EURODRIVE product portfolio and benefit from our high-quality repairs and other services.

In this way, you benefit from our exclusive access to the SEW-EURODRIVE assembly warehouse, allowing us to purchase new, replacement and exchange parts from the manufacturer’s entire portfolio for you. By using original components for product overhauls, we can also offer you a 24-month warranty* on the complete assembly. This also applies to the purchase of replacement and exchange modules.

Play it safe with us and you will always receive a high-quality replacement for your defective SEW-EURODRIVE modules.

A new milestone in manufacturer proximity: BVS Industrie-Elektronik is now a SEW-EURODRIVE service partner

Since 01.07.2018 we are also an official service partner for SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co. KG.

With the new, long-term partnership and the even closer and more direct cooperation with the manufacturer resulting from it, you will now be able to make further use of improved services centred around the entire SEW-EURODRIVE product portfolio. For one, we can implement very fast turnaround times for urgent repairs of SEW-EURODRIVE products. For another, we also continue to grant you exclusive access to the products, original components and services after the manufacturer has officially discontinued the assemblies.

A new, strong partnership for our customers.


  • Movidrive MCF / MCS / MDS / MCV / MDV / MDX converter
  • Movidrive MDF frequency converter
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  • Movitrac converter
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  • Movidyn MAS/MKS converter
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  • Moviaxis MX converter
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  • Offset geared motors
  • Worm gear motors
  • Servo motors
  • Synchronous motors
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Known products of the machine building company SEW-Eurodrive

The company SEW-Eurodrive is a renowned mechanical engineering company that manufactures a wide range of products for the industry. One of the main products of SEW-Eurodrive is geared motors. This combination of gearbox and motor allows for optimal torque and speed adjustment to meet the specific requirements of various applications.

SEW-Eurodrive offers a variety of geared motors tailored to the different needs of the industry. Their geared motors are used in areas such as conveyor systems, packaging machines, pumps, food processing, and many other industrial applications. With their reliable performance and efficiency, these geared motors contribute to increased productivity and process optimization in the industry.

In addition, SEW-Eurodrive also manufactures a variety of other products closely related to the geared motor. These include industrial gears specifically designed for demanding industrial applications. These gears provide high torque transmission and can be used in a variety of industries such as mining, metal processing, and chemical industry.

Another product from SEW-Eurodrive is the servo geared motor. These motors are used in demanding applications that require precise speed and position control. They are used in areas such as robotics, CNC machines, packaging machines, and other high-performance applications. SEW-Eurodrive servo geared motors offer high power density and enable precise control of movements.

Inverter technology also plays an important role in SEW-Eurodrive's product portfolio. Inverters allow for control and adjustment of motor speed and power. This technology allows for improved machine efficiency and energy savings. SEW-Eurodrive offers a wide range of inverters and power converters that can be used in conjunction with their motors and geared motors.

In addition to the mentioned products, SEW-Eurodrive also develops motor controllers and other technical solutions that enable precise control and monitoring of motors. These products provide a user-friendly interface for motor programming and monitoring, contributing to increased efficiency and optimization of applications.