Corporate Identity

  • The vision - where do we want to go?
  • The Mission/Purpose - what is the purpose of BVS?
  • The proposition - what makes us unique?
  • The value DNA - which core values do we share and live by?
Corporate Identity - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

The vision - where do we want to go?

Sustainable growth without limits - BVS Industrie-Elektronik
  • Growth and sustainability are not opposing concepts to us - in fact, they mutually depend on one another.
  • We see ourselves as a company in a sustainable circular economy.
  • To us, the careful and sustainable handling of natural and economic resources is not just a requirement imposed on our company, it’s part of the foundation of our business model. 
  • We stand for constant innovation and economic dynamism. To us, standing still is going backwards.
  • Our company has an international focus and aims to grow beyond national borders.
  • We want to become the world’s leading provider for repairs and spare parts procurement in the area of machine electronics and electronic equipment.

Sustainable growth without limits

The Mission/Purpose - What is the purpose of BVS?

Sustainable growth without limits - BVS Industrie-Elektronik
  • We offer repair, sales and services for discontinued, old-model and current electronic components for a variety of technical and electronic devices and machines ranging across a number industries.
  • Our work aims to extend the product lifecycles of machine electronics and electronic equipment.
  • We don't just proclaim the right to repair, we live it.
  • We maximise the service life, runtime and productivity of our customers’ machines and electronic equipment.
  • Our service focus is distinctly on customer-oriented problem-solving for commercial customers, but is not limited exclusively to electronic in industrial, commercial applications; it also extends to products for the private end customers of our business partners.
  • We consider ourselves a service provider for active investment protection.


Machines have to run

The proposition - what makes us unique?

Quality makes the difference - BVS Industrie-Elektronik
  • Diligence, competence, reliability and swiftness set our work apart... 
    ... and are what produce the industry-leading quality of our products, goods and services.
  • We offer technical, organisational and advisory state-of-the-art solutions in the areas of repair, function retention and value conservation for machine electronics and electronic equipment.
  • Clear customer orientation and cooperative partnerships with manufacturers are the basis of our service and product excellence.
  • Quality management without compromise is firmly embedded in our process and structure organisation and applied every day.

Quality makes the difference

The value DNA - Which core values do we share and live by?

Fantastic team - BVS Industrie-Elektronik
  • We are family: We love family values, social responsibility and solidarity.
  • Team spirit is a huge priority with us. We can only succeed together.
  • We are a rock-solid, strong German family company.
  • As a company with international focus, diversity, multi-nationality and open-mindedness are a matter of course here. Our company languages are German and English, but we speak many other languages, too.
  • Our success is built on the continual further development of human capital.
  • We foster the individual strengths of our employees while also demanding performance based on clear targets.
  • Ecological, social and economic sustainability is part of our foundation of values

A lionstrong team