Go Green Environmental protection at BVS Electronics

  • Certification according to environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

  • Set of measures for the reduction of air pollution, energy consumption and CO² emissions

  • Installation of LED energy saving lamps and comprehensive building insulation

  • Photovoltaic system with an annual output of over 250 MWh/year

  • Central extraction system with activate charcoal filter at all technical workspaces

  • Prevention of electronic scrap waste by repairing modules that have long been discontinued

  • Collaboration with responsible and certified suppliers

go green - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Our contribution to environmental protection

An environmentally-friendly ethos and conduct are a key part of our corporate culture. This is why we have already implemented measures in the past and will not hesitate to do so in future to ensure that our ecological footprint is as low as possible.

This approach is not only incorporated in the various processes within the company but is also implemented on a continuous basis throughout our daily routine – from transportation planning right through to the individual work stations.

As part of the renovation and construction of the building complex, some measures to reduce air pollution, energy consumption and CO² emissions have been implemented. Firstly, comprehensive building insulation has been installed to ensure that energy can be saved. As part of the energy saving measures, all of the lights have been changed to LED energy saving lamps.

Additionally, the plant technology has been completely modernised. The use of several air heat pumps has considerably reduced the level of CO² emissions. Photovoltaics systems have also been installed on the roofs of the building complexes. Annually, approx. 250 MWh/year of electricity are generated equating to the average annual consumption of approx. 50 family homes. The electricity required for our office buildings and the workshop is thus generated in a sustainable way.


As a service provider that has specialised in the repair of legacyand discontinued modules, we of course endeavour to maintain modules from every manufacturer as long as possible. Especially safety-related components, such as power packs, transformers and high-performance transistors, are replaced as a preventive measure during the repair with ones that have been approved by the manufacturer or legislator. If possible, improved components are also used to extend the service life of the product during daily operation. 

The measures detailed above help us to prevent additional electronic scrap waste. Legacyor discontinued controllers can then be used far beyond their actual date of discontinuation. Amongst other things, customers therefore do not need to worry about expensive retrofits.

It is not just when we procure the components required for the repair but also when dispatching our modules that it is very important for us to collaborate with responsible and certified suppliers and freight carriers. These suppliers are not only expected to adhere to legal requirements and environmental management standards but are checked on a continuous basis using internal inspection procedures. This is the only way we can guarantee on a continuous basis that we are collaborating with external suppliers who act with a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Working with electronic modules, particularly repairs using soldering technologies generates hazardous vapours that will have a negative effect on workshop employees. This is why all of the technical work stations are equipped with a central extraction system including an activated carbon filter to reduce the emission of pollutants to a minimum.

Environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

The environmental management system has been certified to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 for the first time since February 2017. This helps us to implement and meet the defined environmental issues and objectives. All of our processes and services thus adhere to internally recognised standards ensuring we make an important contribution to the environment.

BVS a CO2-neutral company

For the first time in our history, we were able to close a financial year CO2-neutral! By determining our CO2 footprint and offsetting CO2 emissions accordingly, we at BVS have taken another major step towards environmental protection and sustainability as part of GoGreen. More information