So that your machinery and systems will still be intact tomorrow.

The product life cycle of the Siemens SIMATIC S5 series will officially come to an end on 30/09/2020. For you, this means that as of 01/10/2020, you will no longer be able to obtain replacement parts or repairs through the manufacturer Siemens for these systems.

Migrating or even completely retrofitting for the current Siemens SIMATIC S7 system entails high costs and an enormous amount of time, which may not always be entirely necessary.

With us, you’ll still be able to get product overhaul repairs as well as exchange and replacement parts, even after the product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, with an 18-month warranty on the entire module for all systems from the SIMATIC S5 series.

By using components approved by the manufacturer or by legislators in the repair, we also ensure compliance with the Machinery Directive in accordance with 2006/42/EC.

We also offer other products that are fully compatible with S5 control systems, e.g. in the HMI sector and even our own HMI and IPC replacement solutions from unipo®, as new parts. In this way, you can easily replace your original Siemens products without complications and continue to use your existing systems.

Keep your machinery and systems intact with us - today and tomorrow!

(copy 23) Offer overview of SIMATIC S5 modules and compatible HMI solutions

Extensive test field including original test stands

Thanks to our sophisticated load and function test technology, designed for the SIMATIC S5 series, we are able to offer you our comprehensive product overhaul measures for all products with the excellent BVS quality you are accustomed to.

In addition to product overhaul repairs, you can also purchase all products as an overhauled replacement part or as part of an exchange.

You’ll receive a minimum 18-month warranty on all modules.

Our unipo® replacement display solutions – fully compatible with SIMATIC S5 Panels

Individual solutions for visualisation systems

With our replacement display solutions from the unipo®, we give you an alternative to an expensive retrofit.

Replace your existing Siemens SIMATIC S5 systems with our own solutions. Take a look at our example replacements and see their quality for yourself.

Naturally we also offer the HMI and IPC replacement solutions to go with a number of other systems and manufacturers. Learn more here.

On an overview of your advantages

  • All from one source - we offer you comprehensive maintenance and other services for current and discontinued automation technology from the manufacturer Siemens
  • Exclusive use of new components authorised by the manufacturer or the legislator for repairs
  • Function and load tests on original, manufacturer-specific test systems
  • 24/7 availability
  • Use of the original packaging
  • Free technical hotline
  • Fully compatible HMI/IPC replacement solutions under our own unipo® brand