Get a 10% discount on your preventive system overhaul now.

In these difficult times, many companies are putting their newly acquired machinery and systems on the test stand, and with good reason. That’s why we’re offering you our support with our ECOFIT offer, so you can keep the systems you have currently in use running.

Get a 10% discount* now on our ECOFIT service and maintain the functionality of your machinery with our ECOFIT pit stop.

We’ll overhaul the industrial electronics of your machinery and systems** - quickly, preventively and above all, cost-effectively. Avoid expensive and lengthy machine downtimes and profit from much lower costs than a conventional retrofit. Naturally you will receive a 24-month warranty* on all services performed as part of the ECOFIT project. Contact us at +49 6181 95404-200 or write us an e-mail at

Keep your machines in the running and schedule your next ECOFIT pit stop with us!

*This offer applies to all orders through 31/03/2021 with service rendered no later than 31/12/2021.<br/> **Provided that the functional requirements of your machine remain unchanged.

Flexibility in the interest of both the customer and the project!

All services included in the ECOFIT package can be customised according to your needs and the respective project requirements. Whether you're doing an ECOFIT as a repair or exchange procedure: In contrast to a traditional retrofit, this saves you lots of time and money. The requisite machine downtime is kept to a minimum. 

Information about repair and exchange procedures as well as specific project sequences can be found on our ECOFIT page.

See the customer projects we’ve completed for yourself A picture is worth 1,000 words

Keep your machines in the running and schedule your next ECOFIT pit stop with us!

Get a 10% discount on your next ECOFIT project now

Just contact our team or enquire using our contact form. Get a 10% discount off your next ECOFIT project.*

ECOFIT thus provides you with numerous economical and eco-friendly advantages for maintaining the availability of your machine.

Economic advantages:

  • Low costs and short modification time compared to retrofitting
  • Overhaul at full capacity possible
  • No retraining on a new control system is necessary
  • Longer machine availability & extended service life thanks to overhauled
    industrial electronic modules as well as evaluation and safeguarding of service capability as part of the Ecofit
  • 24-month warranty

Ecological advantages:

  • Full compliance with the Machinery Directive as per 2006/42/EC.
  • Preservation of your inventory