BVS Industrie-Elektronik presents new corporate film

35 years of expertise, know-how, a lion-strong team with a unique promise of quality - all this can now be experienced in just a few minutes with the new corporate film. BVS Industrie-Elektronik visualizes its corporate mission statement, based on that, the service portfolio and the quality factors that make the sustainable Hanau-based company the quality provider in the industry. Driven by the common mission "Machines must run", BVS pushes sustainable growth without limits - from now on with an exciting corporate film.

BVS Industrie-Elektronik presents its new corporate film to the public. The shoots already took place in the late fall of 2022. For many hours, the camera team accompanied the BVS employees across the entire company as well as to the customer on site. The result is impressive and at the same time fills us with great pride.

In just a few minutes, BVS presents itself as the sustainable quality company for repair, sales and service for industrial electronics and renewable energies. The film provides an exciting insight into the company's mission statement, and based on this, the comprehensive service portfolio as well as the quality factors that make BVS the quality leader in the industry.

Thereby you will not only experience the highest level of professionalism, a maximum of technological know-how and equipment, but also one thing above all - the unique BVS team spirit. All made possible by the most important protagonists of the company - our employees, our lion-strong team.