UCP replacement device Industrial replacement text and PC systems for your machine and system

  • Complete 1:1 replacement of older text displays, operator panels and industrial PCs from different manufacturers

  • Transparent implementation of the machine controls (PLC, NC, etc.)

  • Control panel software can continue to be used or is automatically converted using UCPToolXE®

  • Low investment costs and provision of infrastructure on site

  • Support provided during commissioning on site

  • Long-term, guaranteed supply of replacement parts and services

  • Replacements for manufacturers including SIEMENS, INDRAMAT / BOSCH REXROTH, LAUER, WÖHRLE, SAE STAHL and others

Unipo operator panel - BVS Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

UCP new machine – modular hardware

  • Scalable and flexible hardware that can be optimally adjusted to your project
  • Industrial front panel in IP65 design
  • Customer-specific key panels or touchscreens
  • 6" to 24" TFT displays with LED backlight
  • Motherboard with multi-processor systems and legacy support
  • Latest storage media: SD/CF card from SSD to HDD
  • Fanless computer housing can be removed from front panel

UCP 250 replacement for Siemens operator panel

  • Replacement for Siemens OP 7 –17 –27 -37 OP 5 –15 -25 -35 + TP 27-6 / -10
  • ProDiagXE® with Linux operating system
  • Connection of PLC via serial interface (AS511/FAP) or MPI/Profibus DP
  • Protocol projects imported in UCPToolXE®
  • Interactive adjustment of imported projection
  • Project implemented in ≤1h
  • Option: Projection can be saved on microSD card

Successfully implemented projects and applications

Guitti Macchine

Guitti Macchine


PC32 F



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