Our solution for industry and replacement monitors

  1. UFP - Industrial Replacement Monitor
  2. UFT - industrial terminal
  3. UFD - industrial replacement display
  4. UFL - industrial monitor
  5. UCP - industrial PC

UFP - Industrial Replacement Monitor

One device for all applications from A-Z

  • Worldwide unique modular design
  • Long-term availability > 10 years
  • automatic image recognition for all signals
  • Made in Germany

UFT 500 - terminal replacement

  • Terminal replacement replaces compact control panels
  • automatic image recognition for all signals
  • suitable for loop-through operation
  • with fully compatible keyboard due to slide-in strip technology

UFT 500 - Siemens Sinumerik S3

the classic...

  • Siemens Sinumerik System 3 replacement exclusively only at unipo®.
  • replacement for all mono and color 3T/G/M/TT
  • Industrial quality with integrated short stroke keyboard

UFD - Replacement display

Replacement display 1:1 replacement for all older LCD displays

  • tomatic conversion to the TFT output signal
  • integration into the existing system
  • patented, worldwide unique process
  • touch screen integration possible

UFL - Industrie-Monitor

From the open frame solution to the complete housing unit

  • Different display sizes
  • VGA as well as DVI interface
  • Power supply with galvanic isolation
  • Extensive accessories

UCP - Industrie-PC

New & Retrofit

  • Full 1:1 replacement for older text displays, operator panels and industrial PCs from different manufacturers
  • Transparent conversion for machine control (PLC, NC etc.)
  • Software can continue to be used or is automatically converted via the UCPToolXE®.
  • Low investment costs and maintenance of infrastructure (machine, tools, operator know-how, ...)
  • On-site support during initial commissioning
  • Long-term secured spare parts supply and service

UCP 250

Replacement for Siemens operator panel

  • Replacement for Siemens OP 7 -17 -27 -37 OP 5 -15 -25 -35 + TP 27-6 / -10
  • ProDiagXE® with Linux operating system
  • Connection of the PLC via serial interface (AS511/FAP) or MPI/Profibus DP
  • Import of the Protool projects in the UCPToolXE®.
  • Interactive adaptation of the imported project planning Implementation of a project in ≤1h
  • Option: Project engineering on pluggable microSD card

UCP 500 - Retrofit

New devices - modular hardware

  • Scalable and flexible hardware that can be optimally adapted to your project
  • Industrial front panels in IP65 - design
  • Keypanel or touch panel
  • 6" to 24" inch TFT displays with LED backlight
  • Computer boards with multiprocessor systems and
  • Legacy support
  • Latest storage media SD/CF card via SSD up to HDD
  • Fanless computer housings detachable from the front panel

Wide range of applications for UNIPO monitors

As a manufacturer of UNIPO industrial monitors, we would like to give you an overview of the diverse applications of our powerful monitors. Our industrial monitors are specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial environments.

Factory Automation

Industrial monitors play a central role in factory automation. They serve as an interface between plant managers and automated equipment. With their high-resolution displays, they enable efficient monitoring and control of manufacturing processes. By providing clear presentation of data and warning messages, they contribute to optimizing productivity and quality.

Process Monitoring

UNIPO industrial monitors are commonly used for monitoring various processes. They display real-time data, measurements, and graphics to help operators track process status and detect potential issues early on. This is particularly important in areas such as the chemical industry, food production, or power generation.

Machine Control

Industrial monitors are essential for machine and equipment control. They enable precise and intuitive operation of machine functions and offer extensive interfaces for communication with other systems. This allows operators to increase efficiency, reduce production times, and minimize downtime.

Control Room Systems

Industrial monitors are often found in control rooms where complex monitoring and control tasks are centralized. They display a wealth of real-time information, from process data to warning messages to video feeds. UNIPO allows operators to maintain a comprehensive overview and quickly respond to changes or emergencies.

Surveillance Systems

Industrial monitors play an important role in surveillance systems, whether for security or quality assurance. They can be used in CCTV systems to display and analyze video surveillance images. Additionally, they can be used in conjunction with sensors and alarm systems to detect and respond to hazardous situations.

These application areas are just a few examples of the diverse uses of UNIPO industrial monitors. With their robust construction, high reliability, and customizable features, they are capable of meeting the high demands of various industries.


The Benefits of Our Replacement Industrial Monitors

Our replacement industrial monitors are specifically designed to meet the requirements of industrial environments and offer a range of advantages.

Compatibility and Seamless Replacement

Our replacement monitors are carefully designed to be compatible with a variety of existing manufacturer models. This means that you can easily replace your old monitors with our high-quality UNIPO monitors without making extensive changes to your systems. The replacement process is seamless and allows for a smooth transition.

Improved Performance and Reliability

Our UNIPO replacement monitors offer improved performance compared to many older models. With modern screen technologies, high resolution, and enhanced contrast ratios, they ensure enhanced image quality and enable more precise information display. Additionally, they are characterized by their high reliability and durability to meet the demands of your demanding industrial environment.

Advanced Functionality and Customization Options

Our replacement monitors offer advanced features and customization options to meet your specific requirements. From touchscreen options to multiple interfaces to ergonomic design, we provide a variety of configuration possibilities to ensure that our monitors can be perfectly integrated into your existing systems.

Long-Term Availability and Support

A common issue with older monitor models is that they are no longer available or support has been discontinued by the manufacturer. As a leading manufacturer of replacement industrial monitors, we guarantee long-term availability. Additionally, we offer comprehensive technical support to ensure that you receive assistance with any questions or issues at any time.

Cost and Time Savings

The use of our replacement monitors can lead to significant cost and time savings. Instead of replacing entire systems, you can extend the lifespan of your existing systems with our monitors while benefiting from modern technology and enhanced features. This allows you to utilize your budget more efficiently and minimize downtime due to extensive reconstruction work.