Repair instead of throwing away! We also do photovoltaic inverters!

Thanks to our over 30 years of experience in repairing and servicing CNC, PLC and ROBOT automation systems, we’ve been able to provide comprehensive support for inverter technology to many manufacturers.

And now – BVS goes green!

We also purchase your used string and central inverters! Contact us at: +49 6181 95404-207

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Photovoltaic inverters as well! String or central inverters

We now also offer our services for photovoltaic inverters from different reputable manufacturers. Due to the similarity in structure of the modules from different inverter providers, we’re able to comprehensively offer you a complete product overhaul repair at an estimated price as well as cleaning and inspection for all types of inverters.

Whether you use string or central inverters, whether they are current models or ones that have already been discontinued by the manufacturer – we have what you need!

Photovoltaics - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

We offer our services for the following manufacturers and others:

We don’t have your inverter brand? We're happy to help you upon request:

Having problems with the inverter in your photovoltaic system? Take quick action and contact us – any time, day or night!

Choose a complete overhaul repair or make use of our optional express repair service, so that your system can get back to producing electricity as quickly as possible. If you opt for an express repair, your module will be prioritised in our repair process and you will receive it back in full working order within a few days – and with the same rigorous quality standard of a complete overhaul repair.

Our team is available to help with your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at +49 6181 95404-200. See our comprehensive range of services and our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified repair process for yourself.

After cleaning and inspection as well as running pre-tests to analyse fault patterns, we’ll carry out a complete product overhaul at a component level. We don't just replace defective components, but also preventively replace ones that, based on our experience, are close to wearing out. We use original manufacturer components in this process. If these components can no longer be procured due to discontinued product, we use state-of-the-art components in every repair that meet current standards and legal guidelines. Because of this, we’re also able to give you a 24-month warranty* on the complete repaired assembly.

BVS goes green – Protect your wallet and the environment with an inverter repair!


Photovoltaics - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Our special service for solar technicians and solar plant operators

For operators of major solar farms and service companies for solar plants, we also offer a special service. We even provide support for defective central inverters - after an internal inspection for many leading manufacturers.

This allows you to forego an expensive repowering for the time being while also significantly extending the service life of your solar plants.

Have your central inverters repaired at a fair price by our competent personnel - so that you can keep your systems running in the future.

For detailed project coordination, we ask that you contact our team ahead of time:

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We also purchase your string and central inverters!

We purchase used string and central inverters, whether functional or defective. Take advantage of this opportunity and offer us your photovoltaic inverters that you no longer need. Our purchase service focuses on string and central inverters from the following manufacturers:

ABB Aurora Power-One, Danfoss, KACO, KOSTAL, REFUSOL, SMA, SolarEdge, SolarMax und Sungrow

This ensures that we have a long-term supply of spare parts and that we can also supply our customers with PV inverters that are difficult to obtain or no longer available. If the photovoltaic inverter is no longer usable, we will take care of its disposal for you free of charge. Purchase is possible on invoice or by credit note.

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Your advantages

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Comprehensive portfolio

Product overhaul repairs for current and discontinued inverters - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Product overhaul repairs for current and discontinued inverters

Professional cleaning of module before each repair - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Professional cleaning of module before each repair

Exclusive use of new components authorised by the manufacturer and legislator - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Exclusive use of new components authorised by the manufacturer and legislator

Optional express repair - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Optional express repair

24-month warranty* on the complete repaired assembly - BVS Industrie-Elektronik

24-month warranty* on the complete repaired assembly