24-month warranty*

  • 24-month warranty* on the complete assembly following the repair and sale of exchange and replacement parts for all manufacturers

  • 24-month warranty* on all new components and product overhaul services on BOSCH REXROTH items

Thanks to our high quality standard, which is always based on that of manufacturers, we are now able to offer a 100% longer warranty period. Thus as before, we not only carry out our preventative measures for product overhauls as part of every repair, every exchange and every sale of replacement parts, but we test every electronic component thoroughly in terms of function and load.

Additionally, we continue to use original and safety-compliant components and thus guarantee the safety of the modules used in accordance with the standards of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Our high level of quality guarantees the highest system availability and lowest maintenance costs over the entire life cycle of your machines and systems. We can guarantee this quality promise to you by continuously developing our expertise and measuring ourselves against the manufacturers' quality standards.

Based on all these facts, we can offer our customers a 24-month warranty*.

Unipo® Our own HMI/IPC solutions for discontinued systems

With the UNIPO® brand, we have more than 30 years' experience in the field of our own HMI/IPC applications. These solutions provide our customers with a number of benefits, such as service and support throughout the product life cycle, even for discontinued products. In addition, our own solutions are more durable and scalable than many of the originals they replace, due to the use of metal housings and modular electronic and mechanical designs, for example.

Existing HMI/IPC applications can be quickly and easily replaced with our own solutions without adapting the controller.

Bosch Rexroth Group Service Point

We are proud to be the only company worldwide from the control and drive industry to bear the status of "Bosch Rexroth Service Point".

We are therefore able to provide you with a warranty* of 24 months on the product overhauls, exchanges and delivery of replacement & new parts for Bosch Rexroth modules.