Safety-relevant components

The original versions of the components listed below are not available to or are very difficult for unauthorised repair companies to purchase. This is why solutions for these components are often improvised, reconstructed or a supposed alternative is installed which can ultimately pose significant safety risks during operation of the module.

You should monitor these components following repairs on your modules. These are relevant to safety!

Power packs

BVS Electronics retrofits the latest version of power packs as standard.

The design of power packs and power supplies has changed dramatically in the last few years. The current layouts focus on safety and efficiency. They significantly reduce the loss of power and thus heat emissions into the surrounding area. Modern power supplies switch off reliably in the event of a fault. BVS Electronics therefore purchases these components from the manufacturer. This ensures that your repaired module always complies with the latest regulatory and manufacturer-specific requirements.

Transformers / transducers

BVS retrofits state-of-the-art transformers.

Transformers and transducers with an open design pose a significant safety risk. A cast and enclosed design is mandatory to protect against environmental factors, such as dust and dew. Humidity and dirt will change the transmission behaviour. Operational safety is not guaranteed for any other design as the CE mark and operating licence do not apply.

Relays approved by the manufacturer

BVS Electronics retrofits approved relays as standard.

These state-of-the-art relays have a considerably longer service life than previous versions due to their positively-driven double contacts. Retrofitting this type of relay is always necessary.

Older versions of approved relays

These relays are technically safe, however, they are not the latest version which will considerably reduce the service life of the module. BVS Electronics replaces old versions with the latest relay version as standard and, of course, only uses components approved by the manufacture or legislator.

Prohibited relays

Frequently installed but not approved by the manufacturer.

Especially in SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 611D and MLFB 6SN1118-XXXXX-XXXX control units, the SR4 D/M safety relay manufactured by Tyco with positively-driven contacts in accordance with EN 50205 is often replaced with a relay without positively-driven contacts by unreliable repair companies.

The installation of unapproved components will results in the termination of the operating licence and possible the CE approval. In the event of damage, especially personal injuries, the appointed assessors will evaluate the state of the system.

IGBT drivers

These IGBT drivers are also installed without approval. These installations jeopardise the safety of the machine operator. These safety risks and the fact that the modules no longer comply with the relevant conformity declarations and approvals of SIEMENS AG contravene the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This not only applies to the control units but the operating licence for the entire machine.

Plug-in connections

BVS retrofits connectors with additional lock for suitable modules.

Reliable plug-in connections with high-quality contact material, in particular designs that protect against inadvertent release, are essential for ensuring the function of modules. This additional lock guarantees a reliable connection even in the event of higher mechanical loads.