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"If you attend a trade fair, you are noticed and people start talking about you. If you do not show up, it will be much worse. No one will talk about you." (Ludwig Erhard)

3D trade fair stand – BVS Industrie-Elektronik

Trade fairs

BVS Electronics sees trade fairs as an opportunity to stimulate a direct dialogue with customers, to learn more about the individual requirements when collaborating and to provide customers with tailored advice about the different maintenance options. Trade fairs give customers a full day to discover the quality of our maintenance work and the servicing of CNC; PLC and ROBOT components. Our employees also clarify our certified repair process using various module exhibits as an example. In addition to the latest products, customers also have the opportunity to discover module test systems live at the stand.

Our Sales Force Manager, Michael Götz, states: "Attending trade fairs is essential and has become very important to us and our customers."

Regardless of whether it is a well-known German trade fair for the automation sector or a regional maintenance fair – you will find us at nearly every fair ensuring that we are directly accessible to our customers.

Automotive Hungary 2019 16.10. - 18.10.2019

Die Automotive Hungary ist eine auf den Automotive-Sektor spezialisierte Fachmesse, auf der u. a. die Teilbereiche Electronics, IT, Software, Produktionsmaschinen der kunststoff- und glasverarbeitenden sowie der chemischen Industrie präsentiert werden. Jedes Jahr treffen sich mehr als 10.000 Besucher, um sich über die neuesten Produkte und Leistungen ungarischer als auch internationaler Aussteller zu informieren. Sie ist die Leitmesse dieser Branche in der Region.

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